■NHK BS ワイルドライフ 『東南アジア ボルネオ島・華麗!絶妙!鳥たちの空中ハンティング』~NHK BS Wildlife~”Borneo,South-East Asia-Elegant and Artful Aerial Hunting of Birds”


NHK BS プレミアム “ワイルドライフ”
「東南アジア ボルネオ島・華麗!絶妙!鳥たちの空中ハンティング」本日いよいよ放送されます!


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Island of Borneo is situated on the Equator, and the most of the island is covered by thick tropical rainforest. The island is known for its diversity of birds. There are more than 600 species of birds including Rhinoceros hornbills and Fairy pittas. Tropical rainforest is also rich in diversity of insects. Birds have evolved to hunt those insects, particularly to hunt winged ones in the air. During the hutching season of insects from April to May, as the numbers increase, birds also raise chicks at just the right time. The birds show variety of hunting styles. Making the best of their circular flight ability, Greater racket-tailed drongos hunt their prey. Fast flying Broad-billed rollers snatch their prey at the speed of light, Wallace’s hawk-eagle waits at certain perch with keen patrolling eyes, and Bat hawks keep on hunting without touching land. Our crew used high-speed camera to capture various movements to analyze their hunting techniques. Understanding the hunting styles of birds and their environment will reveal survival tactics of wild birds.